Toddler Childcare

Childcare For Ages 15 months – 3 years

This is an age where the seeds of independence are planted and nurtured: from taking those first steps. . . to learn how to politely ask for a drink of juice. . . to mastering the skill of buttoning a button or zipping a zipper!  Bright Child Learning Center’s toddler childcare program in Madison WI provides the opportunity for our new explorers to learn from the world around us.

  • The emphasis is on motor, social and speech development as our youngest students learn, grow and explore at their own pace.
  • The toddler spaces include child-size tables, chairs, and other furnishings.  All of our classrooms have very large bay windows which encourage interest in their surrounding environment.
  • Specific activities are designed to allow the child to: develop fine motor (pre-writing) skills, increase the child’s vocabulary, and develop coordination and strength.
  • Foreign language and music are a continued part of a toddler childcare learning experience.

“We recently had a play date with a boy (our son’s) age (literally, they were born the same day).  The other little boy is watched by his grandma during the week when his parents work, so except for play dates & places like the library, has very little social interaction with peers.  At our play date, both boys wanted to ride a toy train at the same time; the other boy pushed (my son) in order to gain access to the toy. I told (my son) that it was the other kid’s turn & he needed to wait for a turn. A few minutes later he started saying “my turn please” but never resorted to pushing in order to get a turn. I was so proud of him! :)”

Enrollment Now Open

Limited spots available now in our brand new Montessori classrooms.

Questions? Call the school at 608-497-1191!