What Parents Say

Excellent ratios; great Montessori curriculum

Excellent teacher to student ratios, caring staff, amazing facility, Great Montessori curriculum

Safe, loved, healthy & challenged

We are truly thankful to our son’s teachers and BCLC for providing him with an amazing early education. We know he is safe, loved, healthy, and challenged every day in the his classroom. His teachers are exceptional and we can’t say enough about their commitment to our child and his social/emotional well-being.

The complete package

For us, Bright Child has been the complete package – a wonderful, thoughtful and generous teachers, a beautiful building with room for the kids to explore and grow and constant attention to what our kids need at every stage while looking ahead to what’s next. We feel so fortunate to have found Bright Child!

Calm & comforting environment

We toured several daycare options, and BCLC immediately stood out because the atmosphere was calm and comforting. So many daycares are perfectly competent but feel like constant chaos–which isn’t too surprising, with a bunch of young children running around. The fact that BCLC manages to avoid this is very impressive and speaks volume about their dedication to the child’s positive experience.

Adapted to the needs of my child

The teachers in the infant room really adapted to the needs of my child. This wasn’t a “conform or be kicked out experience” – which is something I’d experienced in another facility.

Nurturing environment

It’s a nurturing environment where children are treated with respect and given room to grow. Our daughter comes home happy from her day and tired from all the play.

Love the personal attention!

We love the personal attention our daughter receives! The staff are always open and caring. The facility is wonderful. We are very happy at BCLC.

So many great memories...

I have many great memories of the last year- from the first time that I visited to the last time I picked (my son) up.  Every time I have dropped him off and picked him up, I have marveled at how excited and caring the teachers are about (my son) and his development.  My favorite memories (are of) watching a teacher feed one baby, sing and calm another and encourage a third playing with a floor work all at the same time and of another teacher stopping in the hall before leaving so she could see (my son) walk!

My toddler is learning to take turns!

We recently had a play date with a boy (our son’s) age (literally, they were born the same day).  The other little boy is watched by his grandma during the week when his parents work, so except for play dates & places like the library, has very little social interaction with peers.  At our play date, both boys wanted to ride a toy train at the same time; the other boy pushed (my son) in order to gain access to the toy. I told (my son) that it was the other kid’s turn & he needed to wait for a turn. A few minutes later he started saying “my turn please” but never resorted to pushing in order to get a turn. I was so proud of him! 🙂

A huge smile on day two! 🙂

On day two of bringing our daughter to day care, I opened the door to her room and looked at her face.  She saw her friends and her teachers and got a huge smile on her face as she clasped her hands together.  That’s when I was sure we had found the right place for her to spend her days!  Thanks BCLC!

We love all of the teachers.

“We love all of the teachers at Bright Child who make (our daughter’s) days so special.  They are always smiling! Knowing she loves being with them and they love being with her makes it so much easier to leave her every day.”

Every baby is treated as an individual.

When touring childcare centers we weren’t exactly sure what we were looking for, but once we visited BCLC we knew we had found it.  There were so many things to love about the Infant Room and our daughter’s amazing teachers.  Every baby in the room was treated as an individual and the teachers took the time to really get to know our daughter’s personality and needs.   There were many times I learned more about her and her developing disposition from the insight and stories they shared.   The babies sleep often and get plenty of snuggles, but they also have the opportunity to explore and learn from day one.  I will never forget Ms. Shannon telling me that she likes to provide “opportunity without expectations”.  This philosophy allowed our daughter to thrive and we will always be grateful for the foundation she was given that made her feel so loved and  safe while promoting her explore the new world she lived in.

Children are encouraged to explore...

We’ve been at Bright Child Learning Center for about 4 1/2 years now. Quinn and Kai have both been in the infant room, and Quinn has been in every level of room now. The teachers are amazing, caring for the children and the family as a whole. They both do an incredible level and amount of work at their level. For an infant, that includes sensory materials and for the pre-school children that includes building a paper skeleton to learn about bones. Someone asked me recently if Quinn would be starting 4K soon, and I responded that with his daycare, it’s like he’s been in 4k since he was 6months old (that’s an exaggeration, probably since he was 2 years old, but still).

I like that there are no restrictive things like swings and strap in seats in any of the rooms especially the infant room where I’ve seen them at other centers. Children of all ages are encouraged to explore, discover, and work on what they find interesting while also sharing and taking turns with their friends. Children are shown respect and love. We are better parents thanks to our daycare.

Great hours, great location.

Hours are great fit with Epic, great location + wonderful teachers.

Learning so much & having fun!

Bright Child is one of the best decisions we’ve made for our children! It’s so hard to not be with our kids all day, but it helps knowing they’re learning so much and having so much fun. They’ve developed their own routines and friendships outside of us, and as a parent, that’s so cool to see. The teachers have been incredibly helpful and encouraging and I love how everyone on staff always knows our kids’ names. I can’t say enough good things!

Education, exploration & creativity

BCLC is somewhere that I feel like my children are safe and the staff are very trustworthy and educated. They take childcare and make it a learning experience. I don’t feel like they are just a glorified babysitter; they take education, exploration, and creativity very seriously, regardless of how young the children are.

Learned more than we ever imagined.

From the time our son was three months old he has been attending BCLC. He has learned more at daycare than we could have ever imagined. We would highly recommend this school!

Independent, respectful & patient

I’m amazed at how my child has grown and developed while attending BCLC. He’s learned to be independent, respectful and patient. We couldn’t be happier with the teachers and staff that teach him each day.

Comes home happy and tired!

BCLC provides opportunities for independent growth, tailoring instruction to help children achieve their milestones and foster new skills. Our daughter has flourished as they have supported her love of reading. She comes home happy and tired from a full day of work and play with her friends.

Great facility & philosophy

Great facility and philosophy. Teachers are wonderful and have taught me how to be a better parent.

Variety of opportunities

We have had a phenomenal experience with BCLC. my kids are in love with everything about it…the teachers, the independent learning and variety of opportunities for learning, and the other kids and I am, too! I can’t imagine having a better, more caring environment than at BCLC. We are very sad to be leaving.

Love the place and the people

It’s a great center with a wonderful, caring staff. Our son has learned so much from being there, and he really loves both the place and the people.

Seamless transition from home to here

We’ve had a wonderful experience at BCLC. Leaving your child in someone else’s care can be hard, but at BCLC the transition could not have gone better for us. This seamless transition is a testament to the great teachers and staff at BCLC. They’ve succeeded at creating a supportive learning environment for our child and we couldn’t be happier with our daycare choice.

Nice job working with parents

BCLC has great staff who care about the students. They do a nice job working with parents, communicating about issues that come up, and helping kids develop social/practical skills. It’s a great environment for independent learning.

Warm, friendly & trustworthy staff

Choosing a daycare is never easy and leaving your baby (especially your first) after maternity/paternity leave is even harder. BCLC has made this as smooth as possible. From day 1 they have kept us informed about all aspects of our child’s day. They are a warm, friendly and trustworthy staff that truly cares about the well-being and development of our children. Our kids are happy and thriving at BCLC. Our oldest has been attending BCLC for 4 years and we have always been confident with our decision to send our children there.

Everyone knows our family members by name

We love the staff at BCLC. Everyone knows our family members by name and we feel like our child has a relationship with every staff member. The mixed-age classrooms have really helped Noah’s skills and language develop and it’s been fun to watch him learn from his classmates, and also be a leader to the younger students.